Big Rocks [2008]

These are the big rocks I’m going to be working on for 2008. Each of these goals is either something off of my life list or something that advances my career. When I select my goals to work on each year, I try to keep it balanced so that I’m working on something for my fitness and health, something for my professional life, and then other things relating to my personal interests and hobbies. This year, here are the goals I have chosen to pursue.

I tried the 2007 plan for a little while but ended up stopping. I picked this goal because it’s a steady workout plan that has measurable fitness goals that I can use to see my progress. It isn’t really a big sexy goal like my 2007 goal of running the Vancouver Sun Run in less than an hour, but it’s something to get me started. I had trouble picking a fitness goal and this will be it unless replaced by something better. After several months of no progress, I think this one is an official ‘fail’ for the year. It had to happen with at least one though. [June 5, 2008]

  • Master Push-Ups [completed November 30, 2008]

I hate push-ups. They are one of my least favourite exercises. I can’t do many of them, though I suppose I can do an average number for a woman. But, I know that they are a great exercise to develop upper body strength and there are a lot of variations that can help engage the core muscles as well. So, I decided that I would master them this year. After reading the push-up challenge on FitSugar and thinking about it some more, I decided to take the challenge. I start at 5 push-ups daily and my end goal is 50. My other goal there is that I actually want to get good enough that I enjoy them too, though that’s not as quantifiable as being able to do 50 push-ups every day.

  • Travel to Japan! [completed May 5-26, 2008 – blog & photos]

The tickets are booked and my husband and I will be going there in May 2008. We are further challenging ourselves to only pack one carry-on bag each. I’m so excited about this adventure!

  • Complete my Japanese Lessons [completed May 2008, though we want to continue learning more & learn to read/write kanji]

In order to help our above-noted trip, we are working our way through a set of Japanese lessons. My goal is to finish these lessons and be comfortable with the materials by the time we leave for Japan. We’ve already gotten a fair chunk of material under our belts, but I’d like to feel really comfortable with it before we go.

Last year I finished a major set of courses for my day job and I haven’t decided what the next set of courses will be. I’m picking this as a goal to force me to decide what my career path will be.

  • Participate in and Win NaNoWriMo2008 [completed November 30, 2008]

I had a blast doing this for the first time in 2007 and I’ve officially caught the writing bug. I’m hoping to put in a lot of work on what I produced in 2007 during the year, but haven’t worked out any concrete goals for it. That will likely show up in one of the Medium Rocks sooner or later.



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