Project in Waiting = Home Decor

Old New Media Centre.JPG

Last summer, when we were still doing the lion’s share of the arcade cabinet work, my husband found a diamond in the rough.  The estate auction by his workplace had the radio you see above arrive.  He’d already thought that it would be fun to do a project with an old style radio.  He wanted to put in a sound system/juke box configuration, etc. (I listen, I don’t memorize the details).  His main hesitation was that an antique radio can be expensive, and all he really wanted was the shell.  So, when he saw this radio shell, he couldn’t resist and we picked it up for very cheap.

It sat in our front hall for weeks.  Then moved to the garage for a while.  Then we decided to wipe it down and put it in its eventual spot.  It still looks pretty good even if it has a bunch of nicks and scratches (which you can’t see in the picture, but they are there).  I think this one might be a project for next summer, when it’s warm enough for outdoor work again.

As a side update on the arcade cabinet, I haven’t neglected to upload finished project pictures yet.  It isn’t actually officially finished.  Still haven’t done side artwork or the lit marquee across the top.  It’s playable and tones of fun, but L doesn’t want to post ‘finished’ pictures until he gets around to these little details. 


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