Smaller Resolutions

Along with my really big goals this year, I also have a bunch of smaller resolutions that I’m working on.  They are few and simple, but bring me closer to finding the right balance of relaxation and self-acceptance with my perfection obsessed nature.

Small Resolution #1

Let my shoulders take a vacation from my ears once in a while. 



I tend to be one of those people who carry all their stress and tension in my shoulders, neck, and jaw.  I’m trying to be more conscious of relaxing these areas and perhaps improving my posture as a nice side effect.

Small Resolution #2

Keep my fingernails cut short.

In order to have the active lifestyle I want, long nails just don’t work.  I usually end up annoying or hurting myself when I let them grow too long.

Small Resolution #3

Accept the fact that I don’t like green tea, even if it is good for me.




Ok, so I do like some kinds of green tea, but most of the time, I’d rather have Earl Grey or a nice herbal tea.  I’ve even developed a taste for some Breakfast Tea (though it really does need to be just at breakfast time).  I’ve grown to appreciate many of the other foods that are good for me that I never ate as a child (broccoli, asparagus, almonds, mushrooms).  The time for green tea is not right now, but I won’t rule it out for the future.

I also want to include one of L’s smaller resolutions for the year:

Stop being equal all the time.

To put this in a bit of context, his instinct is to always be fair between us when it comes to food portions.  The problem being that he is always trying to bulk up with more muscle mass while I’m trying to watch my overall calorie intake.  Plus, I always feel obliged to clean my plate.  So, this year he is finally acknowledging that giving us equal portions isn’t really fair and he’s trying to reflect our individual needs a bit better.  Except when it comes to wine and martinis, then he still pours quite equally 🙂

Photo credits:

In Soft Light’ by lepiaf.geo (back on Jan 15)

Morning Green Tea’ by Kanko*


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