2009 Big Rock Goal #1 Boxing Cardio Challenge

This is the first in a series of 5 posts describing my Big Rock Goals (major milestones) for 2009.  Every year I try to set up some reasonable specific goals that I can devote my time and energy to.  Every year when I finish them, I feel proud and happy that I’ve really managed to accomplish something special.  Here is what I’m going to be working towards this year . . .

My first challenge is a health related one.  I feel that when I’m healthy and exercising, it makes all the other challenges so much easier.  That being said, I really need to have some specific goals to work towards as ‘exercise more’ or ‘eat healthy’ just doesn’t light my motivational fire. 

Last year, I challenged myself to work up to being able to do 50 push ups (please note that even though I’m a girl, I did actual full push ups).  I wasn’t able to do them all in one set, but it was still something I felt very proud of, especially since I hated push ups before that.

When I went searching for this year’s challenge I tried to reflect on what I liked about last year’s challenge and what made it so successful. 

No equipment necessary.  One of the biggest factors was that I could do it anywhere, anytime.  I even did them one day on a rooftop in Japan when I realized I had forgotten to do them in our hotel that morning.  I didn’t need special equipment and I didn’t even need a particular space because any floor would do.  I literally would roll out of bed and start doing push ups.

A small commitment.  The other nice thing about last year’s challenge was that it was just part of a workout and not an entire plan that I had to follow.  Which meant that if I wanted to try out another workout, I could.  I just slipped my push ups into my warm up and then did whatever else I wanted.  It was good because it allowed me to still have variety and not feel locked into a specific program.

Simple to master.  Let’s face it . . . most of us know the theory behind a proper push up.  It isn’t something where you have to worry about your particular posture or technique to know whether or not you’re doing it ok.

This year, I decided to focus on cardio and endurance.  My goal this year will be to skip the equivalent of a professional boxing title match.  I’ll be working my way up to skipping for 12 consecutive 3 minute rounds (each round will have a 1 minute break in between, which will be used for a variety of floor exercises: push ups, sit ups, squats, etc.).  I can already do 3 rounds fairly well and I’ll be aiming to add another round every 5 weeks of training, which will have this challenge wrapped up in November if everything goes on schedule (if it doesn’t, I’ll have a bit of a buffer so that I can still get it done this year).

Unfortunately, anything that involves cardio will require a bit more equipment as I’ll at least need to have decent runners, and I’ll also need a skipping rope.  There are also a few more restraints as to where I can do this activity as I’ll need a bit more floor space and ceiling clearance to swing the rope.  I also need to be working on an appropriate surface as neither carpet nor concrete work well for skipping.

I do have runners that I can use, but they are in need of a replacement pair, which I plan to get as soon as I can afford to in January.  I also already have a skipping rope that I’ll be using.  I anticipate that I’ll go through three pairs of runners and probably one or two speed ropes as well.  I’m also thinking about saving up for a boxing timer like this one so I can pay more attention to my skipping instead of watching the clock.

While there are more requirements as to equipment, I won’t be holding myself to a daily schedule for the skipping.  I’ll probably try for at least 3 sessions per week.  At the end of the challenge, I’ll be spending 36 minutes skipping and the total skipping workout will be about 3/4 of an hour by itself.  So, I will have to be a bit more conscious about setting aside workout time, but I think that’s generally a good thing.

Here are some of the things that inspired my skipping challenge decision:

How do you plan on incorporating fitness into 2009?  Do you make New Year’s resolutions too? 

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you all about my travel goal for the year.



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