Life List Categories

Very early on in my life list revision process, I realized that the categories I had chosen before were mostly boring.  I had the very awesome “Zombie Survival Skills” list, which I love.  But everything else lacked zip and panache!  I mean, my opener category was “Work Skills.”  Who wants to end their time on earth having “Work Skills” at the top of their life list of achievements?  I sure don’t. 

Coming up with new categories was almost as difficult as revising the list was in general, but I finally had a moment of revelation today while at work (ironic, I know) and the last one clicked into place.  I thought that posting about each item on the list would be a bit lengthy, but posting about the categories might give you some insight into the list while remaining brief (I hope).  So, here they are in alphabetical order (because that’s as arbitrary as anything else would be).  The list itself should be posted in another few days.

  1. Adventuring Wench

  I wanted something that would sum up my general desires for travel along with a few of some of the off-beat experiences I’d like to try out.  As I searched through the internet looking for inspiration, I came across a women’s travel site called The Adventurous Wench and though the description and spirit hit dead on.  L does occasionally call me a wench as a kind of inside joke.  Plus, one of our favourite anime series is about a group of adventuring pirates.  It seemed to embody more than just a desire to travel to other places, but also to get the most out of the journey on the way. 


2.    Awesome Evil Genius

  I think that The Brain was probably the first mad scientist that swept my imagination away.  From the villains of James Bond to Dr. Horrible and his sing along blog, there is something irresistibly fun about a brilliant person, who inevitably plots to take over the world.  I first used the term Awesome Evil Genius to describe myself recently when things went just as I had been (silently) planning.  It’s a trait that I’ve had since I was a kid in elementary school, I just let my innocent demeanor cover it up 😉

3.    Pinups & Pearls

There are a lot of things on my list that really strike me as womanly things.  There are some that are housekeeping items and others that celebrate the more sensual side of being a woman.  The images that kept being conjured for me were the vintage pinup photos like this one, where the proper 50’s housewife is caught off guard by something which reveals her sexy parts underneath.




4. Zombie Survival Skills

The zombie survival skill list was the one that occurred to me first.  There are some items on my list that are fairly disparate, but seem to have a survival theme to them.  When I was looking at the list and discussing some of them with my husband, the geek side of me thought ‘these would all come in handy when zombie’s attack’ and I was so entertained by the idea that I decided to run with it.  Hey, I’d rather be safe than sorry!


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