Revamping my Life List

Some of you may have wondered over to the page that contains my Life List.  If you haven’t yet,  you might want to go over there now and take a quick look at the list.  Currently there are 107 items divided into the categories: Work Skills, General, Travel, One Time Experiences, and Zombie Survival Skills.

As the list stands today, only two items have been crossed off.  Clearly, there’s something I’m not doing right.  It’s been bothering me for a while actually.  Part of that is because I do many process tasks that are difficult to mark complete.  Part of it is also because the list of outdated and needs to be refreshed so that it matches my current values and goals.  So, since I have a bit of time in this lull between completing last year’s goals and starting next year’s goals, I’m going to try to tackle an update.  I may post more details on what that will entail or I might not.  But, I’ll definitely post an update when I’ve got the new list online!


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