New Affirmation – Live Like a Rock Star!

Ever found one of those catch phrases or common sayings that really just resonate with you?  I like to keep a little list posted up of some of the meaningful ones for me (actually, the list is embedded in my desktop on my home computer).  Some of my favourites include “Be the change,” “Go Big or Go Home,” and “They’re gonna say what they’re gonna say!” 

I’ve recently discovered a new favourite to add to the list that I discovered via The Cherie Cast.  An awesome podcast put together by a truly awesome and inspiring family!  The particular episode that it originated from is Episode #34, which you can listen to here.  In the podcast they discuss work ethic and how in many industries it is sorely lacking.  But if you look at rock stars, they clearly put all their heart and passion into their job and people love them for it.  Imagine if we all put that much passion and hard work into doing our own jobs?  Wouldn’t the world be a much cooler place?

So, my newest affirmation is “Live Like a Rock Star!”  (It’s worth noting that while many famous musicians right now might be pop singers, but I don’t think they embody the spirit of a Rock Star).  Here is what it means to me . . .

  • Putting in my best effort regardless of what or who I am dealing with.
  • Incorporating fun and positive energy wherever I can
  • Sticking to my ideals, even if they go against popular opinion
  • Putting myself out there and taking risks when necessary
  • Taking responsibility for the consequences of my actions
  • Putting in all the time and effort necessary to be an ambassador of excellence in my chosen job and career

Just one day after listening to the podcast and deciding that I love the idea of “Living Like a Rock Star” I am already getting a chance to make the choice of working like a rock star instead of shrugging my shoulders.  Since I generally do make work ethic a high priority, I’m not really doing anything different than I otherwise would.  But, now I think of myself as “Living Like a Rock Star” which is a lot more fun and appealing that simply working hard.


1 Comment

  1. Pam said,

    November 10, 2008 at 9:38 am

    I love it! Please keep us updated on (one of) your new life philosophies! (Especially if it encompases wardrobe changes or tattoos. 🙂 )

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