Phone Frustration

So, my phone has gone and died on me.  Well, not entirely.  It seems as though the speaker is just shot.  So I can still make a phone call, but no sound actually gets transmitted.  Plus, it seems to be having a few problems handling text messages too.

I’ve yet to get a chance to bring it in anywhere to get it looked at, so I have no idea if it’s fixable or how much it would cost to fix it.  Plus, since I bought the phone from a place that refurbishes them to begin with, there isn’t any kind of warranty to fall back on – my own fault.

So, I’m starting to consider the possibility that I might just have to buy a new phone.  The problem being that I like sexy smart phones and hate being locked into expensive phone plans.  So, it would probably be a fairly major investment.  And, I then have the dilemma of what kind of phone to purchase.  I’ve been very unimpressed with the task management with this phone.  So, it’s tempting to check out a Treo.  But then there are also all kinds of new phones on the market.  I don’t think I’d get an iPhone, but a new Blackberry or the Android (if those are even being sold in Canada yet) might be a good option for me.  Must do some pondering.


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