A breakthrough – I said ‘No’

I had a breakthrough today.  I actually turned down a comittment.  It was so hard!  But, it was scheduled for November and I already have a lot of things going on in that month.  When I saw the initial offer, I was really tempted!  I mean, really tempted!  It’s for a book club, something I’ve always wanted to do.  And the book was one that was about personal growth and development, something I could use a bit more focus on right now.  However, the idea of adding that on top of November’s school, work, belly dancing, and NaNoWriMo comittments was just too much, so I declined.

Then the person who started the book club clarified it a bit to make the time comittment not seem so daunting.  My instinct was to change my mind and join after all.  But then I paused and thought about it a bit more.  Writing is important to me and NaNo seems to be one of the only things that inspires me to get any done.  I’d really hate to have that suffer because I felt obliged to join the book club.  Not only that, but I’d also hate to have my school work suffer because of that.  I’m doing really well so far, and I’d like to continue to do well throughout the course.  So, I resisted temptation and am going to stick with my original decision that it’s just too much for me right now.

(Here’s hoping I’ve got time when the next round of book club starts!)


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