First Belly Dancing Class

005205, originally uploaded by amfdesigner.

Tonight was my first belly dancing class and it was a lot of fun! The class was very crowded though so we didn’t have much room and it was difficult to see the instructor. It would be nice if they limited the number to enroll to something a little more reasonable so that we got more out of it.

This class is very much like the class I took before. My former instructor teaches from this studio as well, which explains the similarities. I already have a copy of the CD to practice with, which is a good thing, because we’re actually going to learn a choreographed dance throughout the class.

A lot of the moves came back to me, but there will be some that need practicing. For instance, my shoulder shimmies really need some work. But, I think it’ll be fun.

If I enjoy it well enough I might just sign up for another session and look to moving on to the level 2 class when I’m ready. I’d also LOVE to get into some of the costuming. The other two women who are taking the class with me and I have all decided that we’re going to try to find a practice coin belt to wear at class and for practicing at home. Hope we can find some soon!



  1. Ilana said,

    October 3, 2008 at 8:20 am

    So that’s not you?
    Bummer. I was thinking ‘how cool is that? they get to practice in costume!’
    I took a class ages ago and it was a lot of fun.
    The costumes are so cool…

  2. jennerosity said,

    October 3, 2008 at 8:57 am

    Nope, unfortunately not me. Some of the other students have coin belts that they practice with, but my friends and I haven’t picked one up yet. In fact, last week was the first week I wore exercise pants instead of shorts (can you tell I’ve taken more boxing classes than dance classes?) I’m seriously thinking about making this a regular commitment and continuing with the class. I’d love to get into the costuming stuff as well.

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