More Arcade Cabinet Pictures

We made a lot of progress on the arcade cabinet this weekend.  In fact, we did so much work, that the cabinet is now in our garage downstairs!

Here’s the bottom of the cabinet with one coat of the textured spray paint on it.  It is only partially dried here and you can see where we puttied over the screws.First coat lower cab (2)

The top part of the cabinet is designed to look like sheets of metal have been riveted on to a frame.  So, we painted black lines and then masking tapes the parts we weren’t going to cover up with the hammered gold paint.

Painting it gold (2)


And here it is with the gold paint on it.  It looks even better in person.  You can see where the screws were puttied over, but we’re going to put some sort of decorative rivet in those spots so it’ll look like metal has been riveted together.

Painting it gold (4)

And now we’re back to the waiting game.  We need to order quick disconnects to do the wiring.  These are apparently ridiculously expensive to buy right away or very cheap and hard to find in stock or nearby.  We also need to create stencils for the side art, get the control panel image printed somewhere professionally, and we’re waiting for samples of t-molding to put on the edges of everything so that it holds up to the wear and tear a bit better.  But, at least it’s home now!


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