Progress on our arcade cabinet

So we left home early and had breakfast at my in-laws.  We wanted to get there before my brother-in-law went back to his place in Vancouver but we also wanted to get here early enough to get some work done on the arcade cabinet.  Since we both have full-time work + a class now, we’re trying to get as much as possible done on the weekends, so our weeknights can be for studying.

We pulled everything out and started by cutting out the holes for where the speakers will go.  It turns out that the jig saw that my father-in-law has is a bit ‘finicky’ so the cuts were a bit rough, but all our digits are still in tact.  But, we then had to go and grind the edges of the hole so the speakers would fit.  L installed the speaker shelf on the upper cabinet and then did a bit of priming while I ground the holes for the speakers on the lower cabinet.  Then we got to start spray painting!  We’ve done a good coat on the top and bottom and hopefully will have some pictures up soon.  There’s still a lot of artistic things that need to be done, but hopefully it’ll only take another few weekends before it is up and running!


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