Some Arcade Cabinet Pictures

I thought I should post a few pictures about the arcade project.


Here are some sample pieces where you can see the colours we’re working with.  The bottom will be a textured black and the top will have a hammered gold finish.  There’s a graphic that L has done up too, but I haven’t saved it onto my computer to upload yet.  The orange copper colour is probably a bit too bright for the design.

Test paint  (1)

We’ve actually done a fair bit of assembly on the basic shell, but still have to do the entire control panel.  We discussed some different layout options for it today, but the design hasn’t been finalized.  The cabinet is a bit more finished now, but we don’t have any more recent pictures uploaded yet.

Wings (2)Wings (5)

You can kinda see how dark it is outside in this picture.  Since most days we are working after work hours, it’s always a bit of a race against the clock to try to get things set up, do some work, and then put everything away again.  But, we’re still managing to make fairly good progress.


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