Having the Right Tools

One lesson that’s really hitting home as we build our arcade cabinet, is that it really helps when you have the right tool for the job.  I’ve always had a fascination with tools.  In my marriage, I’m the one who actually owns most of the tools and I drool over one day having a well-appointed workshop where things are neat and orderly.

Luckily, for our current project we are doing a mixture of buying and borrowing, which is helping to keep costs down.  Both sets of parents have a good selection of tools and most of the work so far is being completed at my in-laws place, because they have the room to set up power tools and do messy things like spray painting.

So far, we’ve had to purchase a router and several different router bits, but here’s a brief wishlist of things that I’d like to add to my own personal tool collection.

1. A workshop – I’d love to have a room dedicated to doing work just like this.  A place where my tools can happily live and be accessible, as opposed to the current arrangement where they are spread between our hot water room and a full tool-box under our built-in vacuum.  As our next house will need the room to house a grand piano, I think having a workshop will probably also be feasible.

2. A table saw – We muddled our way through some longer cuts with the router, but I think it would have been much easier if we would have had a proper table saw to work with.

3. A powerful drill and a full set of bits – My drill is great, but it’s a beginner model.  I’d like something with a bit more power, and a better selection of bits to use.  Very helpful when you need to countersink something or bore a larger hole.

4. A workbench – this will probably be a feature that comes with a workshop, but a place to put stuff so you can stand while painting it will definitely make my knees and back much happier!

Since we are likely to build more things in the future, I consider tools and such a valuable investment.  My parents always had a well-appointed workshop that was very well organized, so it just seems natural to have these kinds of things on hand.  I think I’d also like to have some electronics tools in the future so that I can learn to work more with those as well, but so far, I haven’t really had a good project to work on.


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