Arcade Cabinet Assembly Plan

I think I mentioned in my last post that we were building an arcade cabinet and I just thought I’d stop by and let people know how it was progressing.  I didn’t really have a good concept of what still needed to be done, so my husband emailed me a step-by-step list of things to do:

1)      Cabinet sides
a.      Slot cut sides once slotting cutter arrives
b.      Sand edges to even
c.      Prime sides again if necessary
d.      Base paint
2)      Other boards
a.      Angle cut where necessary
b.      Cut speaker holes, ventilation holes.
c.      Sand edges to even
d.      Prime pieces again if necessary
e.      Base paint
3)      Cabinet assembly
a.      Buy caster wheels
b.      Buy 2′ x 4′
c.      Cut 2′ x 4′ to frame bottom of cabinet
d.      Install casters on base
e.      Assemble upper and lower portions of cabinet
f.      Buy and install t-molding
g.      Adjust monitor shelf
h.      Install angle braces under monitor shelf for additional support
i.      Install angle brackets on upper cabinet, to align holes for carriage bolts
4)      Control panel
a.      Design and print CP graphic
b.      Cut boards for CP
c.      Mark layout on board
d.      Cut laminate to size
e.      Drill holes
f.      Router board for flush mounting of joysticks and track ball
g.      Install buttons
h.      Wire grounds and controls
5)      Finishing
a.      Mount computer inside cabinet
b.      Hook up components
c.      Buy plexiglass/glass monitor shield
d.      Buy plexiglass marquee shield
e.      Design and print marquee graphic
f.      Make and install monitor bezel
g.      Create side art stencil
h.      Paint cabinet side art

Yesterday evening we made a trip to Home Depot to pick up a few of the supplies that we could get.  The weather is slowing us down the most right now.  We’ve gotten a rainy spell and the only sunny periods seem to happen while we’re stuck at work.  The fact that my husband usually works 6 days a week hasn’t been helping much either.  We’re also waiting for a particular tool to arrive which we were expecting sooner.


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