My Career Dilemma

Last night my in-laws had a family get together.  Their family is quite large so this involves between 20 and 30 people when it’s a small group.  Since these are people I only see a few times a year, it involves a lot of the familiar catch-up conversation and inevitably brings up a career dilemma for me as people ask about my former career.

I trained as a teacher.  I consider myself a teacher.  I am still very passionate about education and child development.  But, I’m working in my husband’s family business (along with my husband – same company but different offices).  What I do now is a job.  It’s a good job, but not one that I feel passionate about.  The problem is that switching back to teaching would be all kinds of difficult!  While I have let go of the idea of going back to a classroom teaching setting, it still doesn’t solve the dilemma that I have in that, I want to be doing something different than what I am currently doing.

It really hit home last night that teaching is still something I’m quite passionate about as I was discussing the matter with my brother-in-law’s girlfriend who is about to head off to law school.  She is so great to talk to and she really listens and engages with a person.  As I finished my rambling about a subject it really hit me that even though I haven’t been teaching for the last 3 years, I am still very much a teacher.  A teacher with no classroom.

Now that I’ve been reminded of this, it leaves me painfully aware of how my current job isn’t a good fit for me.  The problem is that leaving it would be difficult on many different levels.  But, I’d still like to find some other outlet for myself so that I don’t let my passion simply go unfulfilled.  Definitely not the easiest project that I’ve ever taken on!


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