Projects, Old and New

I realize that I haven’t been blogging very much lately, but this is the time of summer that is the busiest for me and my family.  Right now there are lots of birthdays going on.  Plus, my extended family has a wedding and a baby fast approaching (two different women though). 

This is also the last summer that my husband will have free from the CGA program, and so he’s been ready to go and tackle all sorts of projects.

While we didn’t get any sunflowers in the ground this year, we did manage a fine little garden and some houseplants.  Not only have some of the plants lived through the initial trauma of discovering that WE were going to try to grow them, but our tomato plant is actually starting to bear fruit!

In addition to being busy watering plants, my husband also decided to take on an inspiring project – build his own Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME for short).  Since it’s basically a computer built into an arcade cabinet, he’s also going to wire it to serve a few other functions like be a jukebox for our music collection, and store our recipes (because it’s going to go in the kitchen).  It’s something he’s always wanted to do and it’s an excuse for me to increase my tool collection and do a little woodworking as well.  I’ve actually gotten really excited about the design of the cabinet, as we are going to be working with the steampunk theme.  Before this project, I hadn’t really clued in yet that I actually really like steampunk stuff.  One of my favourite book series was steampunk.  One of my current favourite webcomics is steampunk.  And now, I absolutely have fallen in love with this clock!

So, we now own a router (one of the few power tools we couldn’t borrow from one set of parents or another) and have purchased all the wood to make the frame of the cabinet.  This evening we hope to finish the cutting.  It turns out my mom has the perfect copper paint in her stash of painting supplies and all of the actual arcade bits (joysticks, buttons, spinner, etc.) have been ordered and should be arriving over the next few weeks. 

For the guts of the machine, we’re putting my old computer to use.  Still have to figure out if the hard drives are completely toast, or if a re-formatting will work.  But, it’s also just the motivation my husband needed to hook them up and start poking around with them.

Between now and September all my weekends are already booked and September is usually only marginally slower.  I will be starting a course (not sure what yet) in the fall and then NaNoWriMo 2008 will be here!  For my writing this year, I’d really like to take some time before November and plot out what I’m going to write (and now I’m toying with the idea of taking my newfound love for steampunk and putting it together with my writing).  But before all that, I also have to plan two 30th birthday parties!  One for my sister and the other for my husband.  They have basic plans, but I still have to do a bunch of phone calling and reservation making and gift shopping!  But, I’ll still try to pop in and blog once in a while about what’s going on with my various projects.


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