Identifying a Problem – my to-do list

I’m taking my cue from Gretchin Rubin’s 12 commandments (see side bar) and I’m identifying one of my problems right now.  My problem is my to-do list.  In the past I’ve had problems with my to-do list being too long or too unfocused.  My problem for the last while has been that it’s too slow and doesn’t conceptually fit my style.  You see, I keep my to-do list on my iPAQ.  And, while my iPAQ has been great, I still haven’t adjusted to the Windows Mobile way of sorting tasks.  I’m not sure if I’m just pushing my machine too hard, but it’s incredibly slow to open my task list at all.

I literally tap the task heading and then put it down while it loads.  Once it is finally up and running, if I accidentally hit the wrong button or tap the wrong part of the screen, I immediately cringe since I know I’ve just prolonged the whole process by several minutes.  Sorting tasks can’t be done in a simple way either.  It’s always a two step process.  Create the task then re-open it and go through to add a category or due date or note.  Not to mention the fact that there are only three priority levels.

I need some faster and more immediate way of adding tasks.  I also really don’t like the sorting functionality or the very basic prioritization either.  Using it just makes me miss my bare bones Palm Pilot that I used to have.  I’ve tried a few different downloadable programs to tweak the task program.  But every one just seems to clog up the memory even more.

Because of the slow performance and non-intuitive design, I’ve gone from keeping to-do lists and feeling organized and on-top of things, to having virtually no to-do list and forgetting things.  I like keeping track of projects with their own to-do list and breaking things down into small actionable items.  But, I just don’t seem to be able to do it easily with this device.  I’m very disappointed in it.  All the extra bells and whistles work great, but the to-do list is such an essential component and it fails so miserably.

Now that I’ve identified the problem, it seems as though I need to do something to change things up.  I love technology and having everything streamlined into one device.  I don’t think that separating out where I keep my information will really work for me in the long run.  So, even though I bought my iPAQ (and paid nearly full price since I don’t like phone contracts) not too long ago, I’m seriously thinking of upgrading already.  But, I’m not sure what to get.  I’m definitely leaning back towards one of the Palm systems since their organization system seems so much more intuitive to me.


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