May Progress Report

Since I was on vacation for most of the month of May, it feels like we just kind of skipped the month. But on the other hand, so much happened I could write pages and pages and pages about it! For my job, the date is extremely important. I work with dates repeatedly all day long. Slices of time are artificially separated out of reality by naming it with a date. When we were on vacation, since we weren’t obsessing over dates we were free to experience the passing of time more naturally and intuitively. I felt more in connection with myself, my husband, and the world around us. I liked that feeling and I’m going to try to bring more of it into my daily life.

Overview: May was incredible, due in large part to our vacation to Japan.  Coming back has been bittersweet.  If nothing else, we’ve been inspired to make some changes at home that will hopefully continue moving our life in the right direction.

Checklist: Big Rocks

  • The Women’s Health Ultimate Fitness Plan – I should probably just remove this one from my list of big rocks for the year because I haven’t touched it in months.  I don’t feel bad about ‘failing’ at this goal, but I also have gained a lot of weight.  I’ve gained some, but it’s a manageable amount.  Right now I’m just trying to make healthy choices and not gain any more weight.
  • Master Push-Ups – I managed to be faithful with this one even while in Japan (actually rolling out of a futon made it really easy to start my push-ups right away).  On one day when I realized I had forgotten to do it when I got up, I actually hit the pavement and did them right where we were at the time – luckily, there weren’t many people around to see.  This week I’m at 25 push-ups – halfway!  I’m arranging an appointment for a manicure and pedicure for Monday to treat myself!
  • Travel to Japan – Done 🙂  We’re working on sorting pictures and I’d like to get a scanner to scan some of the brochures and tickets, etc.
  • Complete my Japanese Lessons – Done 🙂  Though, not as well as I’d like to have done.  I’d also like to learn to read and write the language as well.  Also, next year we’d like to take a trip to Germany, so you can expect some more language related Big Rocks next year!
  • Enroll in Further Education for my Career by Fall 2008 – I still have no clue what I’m going to do.  Also, I’m beginning to question whether I can continue in this career for the long haul.  So, should I invest my time and my company’s money in further training when I don’t intend to continue working in this field?  I know I’d much rather pursue some of my other interests and things that I’m passionate about.  But, the expectation at work is that I’ll continue educating myself.  I’ll have to make some pretty tough decisions over the summer.
  • Participate in and Win NaNoWriMo 2008 – I’m looking forward to this again and I’m kicking around ideas of what to write.  My story from last year I’d like to go through and do some editing.

I’m not doing a medium rocks checklist because the only thing for May was to go to Japan.  However, the months coming up are a bit bare for my medium rocks.  So, I should probably go through and fill them up with a few things.

The bad: Not working out regularly and probably getting too many calories in my diet.

The good: We’ve been totally inspired to de-clutter, organize, and decorate our house.  We also underspent in Japan, so we’ll have some of that extra money to put into those projects and update our wardrobes.  I finished reading 2001: A Space Odyssey and need to find time to watch the movie.  I also started and finished reading Ella Enchanted and LOVED it!  I’ve worked a bit on reading In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts and Style Statement and am looking forward to reading more of them.

Coming up: I’m looking forward to working on the house with my husband.  I’m also looking forward to updating my wardrobe and doing more reading this summer.  I’m also looking forward to working more on our garden and seeing how things fare.


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  1. Karryn said,

    June 6, 2008 at 9:18 am

    Hey Jennerosity – lets us know if you figure out your Style Statement!



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