Projects Inspire More Projects

We’re back from Japan.  We loved it so much it’s hard to describe.  Going there we didn’t experience culture shock.  In fact, it was almost the reverse – it was like coming home.  Most of it we loved and I can definitely see us returning there in the future.  I’m so glad that we went for three weeks instead of two.  Two weeks would not have been long enough.

Getting back to reality has been bumpier than the mid-flight turbulence though.  My husband has had dreams where he thought we were still back there.  I’ve had  a few moments between sleep and waking where I didn’t know if I was in a ryokan in Kyoto or our townhouse in Surrey.

Even though rumour has it that you’re supposed to come back refreshed and revived and ready to plunge back into work, I’m definitely shying away from the deep end of things in that domain!  I’m already headlong into procrastination from work tasks and more intensely interested in personal goals and tasks than ever before.  *sigh*  *big sigh*  I guess I can’t be a perpetual vacationer though.

However, my husband and I are revived with more projects to complete.  Our incredibly successful vacation has us wanting to incorporate more adventure into our day to day lives.  We’re still not exactly sure what that will entail, but a few of the things we’ve already committed to are:

  • creating a sanctuary in our own home – the areas are prioritized and we went on our first (unsuccessful) shopping trip (the ultimate completion of our home decoration may involve a very skilled carpenter or astronomical shipping costs from foreign countries).
  • gardening – some baby spider plants have been brought home and are sitting in dampened soil.  We had different opinions about which part was supposed to be in the soil so there are a few different configurations.  We also have plans to visit a garden centre or two this weekend.
  • a wine project – this I find really exciting because it’s so easy to implement.  Also, one of my favourite podcasts is Will Write for Wine.  It’s two authors who create a weekly podcast about wine and writing.  They always start each episode giving a rundown of whichever wine they are trying that week.  Our project is fairly similar.  I may begin blogging about it.  Tomorrow we will be sampling our first wine.  I think it’ll be the first Pinot Noir I’ve ever tried.  We are horribly indecisive so we arbitrarily decided to try it out in order of country, alphabetically.  So, we begin with the Argentinian wines.

Other than that, life is packed right now.  Everyone wants a get together to hear about Japan.  I got one day’s worth of pictures transferred to my PC before I had to get back to work.  When I got home I discovered that when the USB cable is plugged into my camera, it still runs off batteries, so it was dead *grrrrr*.  Plus, my co-workers have been inspired by my vacation and have all taken time off too, which means I’m working a few extra shifts as well.  And, every free day that comes up, my husband and I are planning something to fill it with.  I guess busy begets busy.  But, we’re both happy and not overwhelmed (yet) so I guess that’s ok.


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