Living in Japan

Today as my husband and I were walking once again through the streets of Osaka it occurred to me that this is probably one of the few places that I could see myself living.  We had considered moving here for a year to teach English and while I don`t think that`s going to happen, it is kind of nice to know that we could have gotten by here with few problems. 

The seafood has not been as much of a problem as many (myself included) feared it would be.  It may simply be because we`ve only hit main cities so far, but there has been a fairly good variety of protein to eat: chicken, beef, pork, tofu, etc.  The lack of fruits I would definitely miss.  I didn`t realize how much I was accustomed to my daily infusion of sweet fruits until I spotted a banana in a local combini and just about ran over to snatch it up.

So far, we`ve experienced almost every form of transit imagineable.  As I predicted, I love the trains here (though I might not like them quite as much if I had to pay full fare for every trip – Yay JR Rail Pass!) and have figured them out fairly well.  The biggest obstacle is my natural tendency to walk in the wrong direction which can get a person quite turned around in stations this large!  We`ve also taken a local bus and the subway.  Both of which would be more challenging in a smaller place where the stops were not also written in English.  We managed to grab a ferry over to the island of Miyajima.  And we landed by plane of course.  We have yet to try a taxi, car, or bicycle.  I don`t think it very likely that we`ll get to the car or taxi, but we`ll probably rent bicycles in one of the cities that we visit next.


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