Day 1 and 2 in Japan

So far I am loving our time in Japan.  The most difficult aspect to navigate so far has been this strange keyboard, since all my reflexes from typing are working a bit against me.  My husband is writing a more full description of everything we’ve been up to on the other blog, but thought I’d do a post on my own musings while he’s busy.

It feels like the kind of vacation I haven’t had in a long, long, time.  The kind of vacation some people take with their parents when they are little and it’s summertime.  The sun is shining and we walk around with wide eyes trying to take in everything – afraid to miss any of the amazing details.  It could be any city or place, but it’s different for you and so you take note of it more carefully.  We have no fixed timetable and I’m enjoying the freedom.  We struggle against our own indecision and competing politeness for one another’s preference, but we are pretty carefree.  Get lost or turned around, it’s ok.  We know enough Japanese to at least ask for help (even though we might not fully understand the answer).

I am struck by how similar and yet strange everything is.  I keep trying to elaborate more on some of the similarities and differences, but it doesn’t seem to be coming out quite right.  Perhaps by the end of the trip, I’ll have had enough time to think it over some more and be able to write it up more coherently.

The food is all good so far.  I’m not quite caught up on rest, but that’s more normal than strange for me.  I’ve been catching a lot of the words, but not fast enough to understand everything.  But, a few words is usually enough to get by with.

I’m looking forward to catching some main sites soon.  Tomorrow will be Hiroshima and Miyajima.  I’m hoping the serenity of the afternoon on the island will help to balance the intensity of the morning at the memorial.  I’m trying to process a bit each day and hopefully I’ll be able to keep up.


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