I can see clearly now . . .

Our neighbourhood is finally starting to feel vaguely like spring.  Little buds of green are bursting on trees and the daffodils are in bloom.  But that’s been happening for a while and it’s still been awfully cold.  At least today the sun is shining a bit.  It still smells like rain, but not the cold uncomfortable winter rain.  Instead it’s an earthy kind of spring rain.  Wonderful and invigorating and promising a beautiful green summer this year.

My husband and I had our bi-annual eye exam today.  I was fairly sure that my eyes were about the same, but want to keep on top of it.  My husband was 100% sure that his Rx hadn’t changed either.  But, he did pick out and order some actual glasses.  He’d been thinking about it with our trip to Japan coming up.  If one of his contacts tears or gets lost, then he’s quite blind.  Bringing an extra pair is good, but having glasses there will also work just in case.  This is the first new pair of glasses that he’s had in at least 15 years.  The last pair is very out of style, not the correct Rx, and bears evidence that his parents’ dog will check anything for signs of food.

Today I think I’m going to go spend some time outside, gathering up the weeds I pulled the other day.  Then I’m going to get working on a pair of baby booties for my pregnant friend.  Chatting with his husband about it last night, the baby is due about 2 weeks after we get back from Japan!  I’ve really just got to get on top of things and get it done.  If I do manage to finish, I might post pictures since I know the mommy and daddy to be don’t know about this blog.


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