February Progress Report

Another month is already come and gone so it’s time to check my progress yet again. This month has been interesting for me personally. I’ve been a bit stressed out from some family issues. I also went to a very interesting lecture that was all about addiction and it’s gotten me to thinking about my own addictive behaviour about more than just food! Lots of thinking and working and not enough sleeping.

Overview: I think this month went really, really well! I was still working out some of my motivation issues, but I was making enough small steps to feel proud of myself. When I look at the big goals that I’ve got, I feel like I’m totally able to tackle those and am just getting going.

Checklist – Big Rocks:

1. Women’s Health Ultimate Fitness Plan – so I still have it up there on the big rocks page, but I’m thinking about striking it out. I haven’t followed it at all this month. However, I got a serious a** whooping from kick boxing last week (at least I wasn’t the only one though) and have just discovered http://www.sparkpeople.com, which I think might work well to getting me back into a routine of healthy eating and working out.

2. Master Push Ups – I only missed 2 days this month (due to the aforementioned a** whooping kick boxing class) and am up to 11 push ups a day now. More importantly, I can see that the giant anti-motivational wall I’m trying to bring down is looking not quite as solid and daunting.

3. Japan – Only 2 months away!

4. Learn Japanese – Almost on to the last segment of 30 lessons.

No work on the rest of the big rocks.

Checklist – Medium Rocks:

1. Project 29. That’s what I called my daily picture project. I am pretty pleased with my progress on this project. I managed to take a picture every day for 29 days in a row. Some days more than 1 picture. I’m planning on posting the set here early next week. Not all the pictures were great. Some were rather mundane, but a few of them were really nice. I also got practice in changing settings and figuring out what settings might work well. And, for the record, I really love Picasa’s ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button. I’ve gotten some pretty nice effects using that button. I’ve also really found out that I like editing photos and playing with different effects.

2. Gather final Supplies for Japan. We didn’t get everything that we had to, but we got some clothing, a bunch of laundry supplies, travel toiletry bottles, my husband got his own digital camera and I sewed up a little cozy for it, some journals, and a plug adapter. We’ve still got a few more things to pick up, but the clothes were one of the more major things we wanted to get checked off the list.

The Bad – Still not working out as much as I’d like. But I’m honestly starting to knuckle down! But I’ve actually set a fitness goal for our vacation to Japan, so that might be the extra motivation I need.

The Good – Excellent progress on Japan and Japanese. And, I’ve found some ideas and inspiration for future month’s goals.

Coming Up – Next month I’m going for some more cerebral goals. I’m going to start reading some more and begin daily meditation practice. I’m not sure if I’ll actually set a target for number of books to read, but I’d really like to read the new book I got when I attended a lecture on addiction: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts by Dr. Gabor Mate.

Still not decided what we’re going to try to grow, but I might just wander in a plant store until I find inspiration.

I’ve left April intentionally open because I do a little bit of tax return work and am anticipating a very busy month at work between that and preparing to be gone for three weeks.


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