Weekly Miscellaneous – February 15, 2008

I’ve just felt busy and slightly overwhelmed lately.  A good chunk of this is coming from the fact that I’ve been busier at work lately.  This is one of the things I find frustrating about my job.  While I can control a great many variables in my work environment and it’s a generally pleasant place to work, because it’s a supply and demand type job, I can’t really pick and choose my busy times.  When we have lots of customers it creates lots of work.  Spring is naturally a busier time for us and things are just gearing up.  One of the reasons I don’t have any Medium Rocks scheduled for April is because that’s when I anticipate work being extremely busy for me.  Not only will I be preparing for our three weeks in Japan, but it’s also naturally one of our busiest months!


Five Ways to Pick Up The Exercise Habit Again.  I’ve been searching for lots of health and fitness stuff but I’m not finding stuff very inspiring right now.  I really need the me time and I’d love to treat myself to something but it can’t be food and I have a really hard time avoiding guilt about a splurge with purchasing something.  We’re already planning a great vacation so what else could I pick?  (@ Lifehack)


 17 Fitness Truths to Get You in Great Shape.  Most of these things I already know, but it’s good to review them.  I checked the blog he mentioned for inspiration, but it didn’t really do much for me. (@ Zen Habits)


Workplace Fitness: Easy Ways to Sharpen Your Mind.   Reading through this list stirred up a mixture of emotions.  I felt great because most of the things on the list I already do.  I also felt not great because I still feel as though my mind could be a lot sharper.  It did make me realize that I’ve seen the recommendation for meditation many times but it’s one thing I still haven’t incorporated into my life yet.  I’m going to try to establish it as a habit this year as one of my medium rocks.  (@ That’s Fit)


Recipe for Fruit and Yoghurt Popsicles.  I like fruit and I like yoghurt.  It’s still a bit chilly to try these out, but once summer gets here I might buy a popsicle tray for the freezer and put my blender to good use! (@ Fitsugar)


Mentalrobotics: ‘Short Term Memory Test.’   I found the Braingle site a long time ago but it didn’t have this many cool tools and tests on it way back then.  Some of the blogs I read regularly recommend starting off the day with something that’s short and mentally stimulating to get the mind going.  Activities like Sudoku have been recommended.  The only problem for me is that I’d be sucked into the game and try ‘just one more quick one’ until my carpool was outside honking the horn.  This is much better since you can track your score from day-t0-day and feels a bit less addicting to me.  (@ Braingle)


 Tool For Change.  This short blog post is talking about a service called FutureMe.org that lets you email yourself in the future.  I think this is a great idea for goal setting and would be such a nice surprise if you used it to send yourself some sort of affirmation for a time when you know things might not be going smoothly in your life.  (@ Unclutterer)


Self Standing Umbrella.  It’s kind of self-explanatory.  I’d so buy that.  Maybe you have to live in a place like the lower mainland area of BC to appreciate this kind of thing.  Unfortunately it’s just a concept and not actually an article that’s available . . . yet.  (@ Popgadget)


Identify the Problem.  The first thing this made me think of was me not exercising because our exercise area is too cold.  So, I’m trying to do some things upstairs and I actually brought our DDR game back upstairs into the living room.  The guests will just have to deal with the bright plastic dance mats in the corner.  I’m getting up a little bit earlier and getting moving a bit more.  I’ve also started trying to incorporate random acts of fitness in my day.  Getting up and doing 10 squats before every washroom break or walking to the furthest bathroom when I do go.  It feels good to be doing those little things.  Hopefully it’ll build some momentum for me.  (@ The Happiness Project)


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