January Progress Report

I decided that it would probably be a good idea to post at least once a month on my progress with my various projects. This keeps me accountable to anyone who happens to be reading. Knowing that I’ll be posting once a month will also give me regular intervals to examine my progress, reflect on what I’m doing right, and on what I should be doing right. Now that we are one twelfth of the way through 2008, let’s see how I’m doing so far.

Overview: So far, I’m actually pretty darn happy with how the year has begun. I’ve had some setbacks, but I’m still focused on my goals. I am feeling a bit of the blues right now, but my motivation is picking up a bit of steam again. I think it’s probably a combination of winter blues and the rebound from a stressful Christmas season. When I take a look at the big picture of my life, there are a lot more things that are going right than wrong.

Checklist – Big Rocks: Nothing completed yet. Making very good progress on my pushups and learning Japanese (or at least getting through the lessons – not sure how much is sticking long-term).

Checklist – Medium Rocks:

1. Assemble Emergency Preparedness Kit – Not finished. But, I still feel successful. We started with basically nothing more than a few litres of frozen water. Now we’ve got a bin in a designated location, canned goods set aside, toilet paper, paper towel, disposable dishes, basic sanitary supplies, a bunch of miscellaneous small items, and I’ve got an entire spare outfit put in there too. At least now when I think that I should add ‘x’ to the emergency kit, I just need to run downstairs, pop open the lid and toss it in. I can definitely see coming back to this in the months to come and spending another month adding to the supplies.

2. Kick boxing has begun again. I am LOVING it! I did not realize how much I missed the class atmosphere and the hour long intense workout. I finally bought my own skipping rope (nothing fancy, but it is a nice bright green) to use at home and in class and I’m seriously considering spending the time and money on finding a martial arts dojo after we return from Japan so I can continue classes more seriously. The other part about regular workouts hasn’t really materialized. I did the first four days of January and then got sick. I haven’t really gotten back into (mostly because I’m a big wimp and can’t pull myself out of a nice warm snuggly bed to go into the cold non-snuggly garage in the mornings to workout).
3. Dietary cleanse was technically a success. I feel a bit healthier from it. I also feel as though my willpower is stronger and that I’ll be better able to resist temptations. I’m not going to just start eating everything again either. I’m definitely going to say no to regular potato chips (but corn chips are a different story) and no soda. I’m also going to try to resist iced tea because it also has quite a bit of sugar. I’ve been very inspired by Eatopia this month and I’m glad that she’s been posting regularly detailing her battle with sugar. Another thing I’ve decided is that I’m going to limit myself to one ‘junk’ day a week. I think I’ll even schedule it in on my calendar. That way if I face a small temptation, I’ll have to ask if it’s worth it to spend my junk day today, or if I should wait until another day. (Note that it’s a ‘junk’ day and not a ‘binge’ day – portion control is still going to be followed).

4. Finish insulating the garage – not even started. As you can tell from reading items #1 and #2, the emergency kit didn’t get finished so we never moved on to the insulation (or, should I say back to, since we started insulating in December) and as such, the garage is still freezing cold, which means we don’t work out as much as we should.

The Bad – Haven’t been working out as much as I had originally wanted to and I’m generally feeling a bit stressed out. I’ve been having a few pity parties over the fact that I’m not a perfect housekeeper and wife (I’m sure I’m driving my husband nuts with my insecurities in this matter since he insists I’m doing just fine).

The Good – I’m feeling healthy and like I’m heading in the right direction. I started work on getting to 50 pushups (7 a day this week and next week will be 8!) and feel like we’re more prepared for an emergency than we were last month. We’re also more than half way through our Japanese lessons (we have 41 to complete in 90 days). I started tracking some of these things using Joe’s Goals and I’m hoping it’ll help me track my progress a bit better and motivate me to work harder. I’ve also been doing a little more reading, writing and thinking lately, all of which helps me keep things in perspective.


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