Weekly Miscellaneous – January 29, 2008

My last post wasn’t exactly what I intended it to be, but I was in such a down mood, I really couldn’t have done justice to anything else.  So, I figured I’d do a post to meet my blogging goal, and then come back at you later in the week with some other stuff that’s a bit more light-hearted and positive.  Here’s what’s been catching my mouse clicks this week.


Just caught this post and video on Seth Godin’s site.  I’ll admit that I don’t read his site regularly, but I came across this post via the Your Life.  Organized blog.  I was totally captivated by the message he expressed.  The video was very well put together too.  Definitely worth watching.  I find his comments on education and curiosity especially interesting as I’d like to believe that it can have the opposite effect, but know that the majority of the time it probably doesn’t.  As someone with teacher training and who considers herself a teacher (even though I’m not working as a teacher right now) I find his comments about it particularly compelling.  I think that my own natural curiosity is what’s driven me to become a teacher – so I can share my passion for curiosity with the youth of today.


An article up on Lifehacker.com about a program called StuffSafe – you can inventory your home in case of theft or other losses.  I think this is a great idea!  It definitely feeds my list compulsion.  I haven’t checked the program out myself so this isn’t an official recommendation.


A great idea was brought to my attention via Uncluttererprinting your own gift receipts giving permission to return or re-gift things.  I always like to find new uses for things and don’t like the idea of things just sitting around when it could be passed along to people who could actually use and enjoy them.  I have even decided to start holding an official re-gifting party once a year.  Had one last year and it was a lot of fun!


Tim Ferris, another great blogger whom I don’t normally read, had a great post on 5 tips for the workaholic.  I definitely can fall into the workaholic category so this post is a good reference for me on how work actively towards a more balanced life.  I especially like the first three tips on his list.  I found this article from  Lifehacker.com again.


Lifehack.org had a good article about how to break up with a friend.  It’s something that I’ve instinctively had an understanding of, but having a more thoughtful discussion to read about it really helped cement the underlying ideas.  Friendship is about enjoying and supporting one another and sometimes, when that relationship becomes destructive or no longer serves its purpose, it’s time for that relationship to end.  A bit sad, but also useful.


Trent from The Simple Dollar had a great post about building a reading habit (or any inexpensive habit).  I enjoy reading.  I love new stories.  I want to be a writer and I know reading is one great way to develop ideas and foster your creativity in terms of writing.  But, I never seem to make time to read.  I always find that doing the dishes, or zoning out online, or a million other things get in the way.  Reading in the moments before I fall asleep is good but it doesn’t really give me any longer stretches to really get absorbed into a good plot.  I think I’m going to try actually setting aside a stretch of time for reading like he suggests.


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  1. Jacklyn said,

    February 2, 2008 at 5:58 am

    Hey Jennifer, I thought I’d check out your blog after you checked out mine. Congratulations on keeping yourself on track through January! That’s a big deal! You’re right about feeling refreshed, I feel so good about myself after finishing something!

    The links in this post are really great, I spend tons of time on some of the sites you mentioned. It’s amazing how simple some of those suggestions are and how life-altering they are wen you follow through.

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