One of “Those” Days

Every once in a while everyone has one of “those” days.  Today was one of mine.  It was a bit different though.  Usually I just indulge myself in a pity party and then try to cheer myself up.  Today though, I’m trying to figure out why I’m feeling this way in the first place.

My reverie was inspired by one of the blog’s I have begun reading called Eatopia.  In that particular post the author talks about her rules for giving up sugar.  What caught my eye in particular was how she has connected her eating patterns to her mood patterns.  I’ve always been aware that I turn to food for comfort but she’s also made the connection that eating certain foods causes her to feel anxious.

In my own case, I think it was the sugary iced tea and greasy and sugary potato chips I ate while we had company over last night.  I haven’t been eating junk this month and aside from last night’s little indulgence, I’ve been pretty good.  I did notice how sweet the chips tasted though.  And today, I’m just feeling irritable and unproductive and even though I tried several different things to cheer up.  It’s all been to no avail.

What I’ve discovered today is that I should seriously consider making certain lifestyle choices to keep junk food out of my house and out of my life.  In the Rules for Sweet Success post linked to above, she says that her own rules for what she can and can’t eat are very personalized – things that she’s likely to binge on should stay out completely.  I think I might try to take up this kind of policy for myself.  I know that those potato chips last night were way too much for me.  I’ll have to think about what else to add to the list as I go and try out new foods.  Hopefully, it’ll help prevent more of “these” days in the future.


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