Weekly Miscellaneous – January 21, 2008

Looking through my links this week there isn’t much.  I guess I’ve been doing more thinking than clicking, and that isn’t a bad thing.  Not sure if I’ve mentioned it or not, but my computer died 😦  It was time for a new one anyway.  Until it gets here, I’m using my husbands and my computer at work.  Those ones aren’t as tweaked as my own usually is and I’m sure that’s influencing what I click and where I go.


Even Happier blog has a guest post by bestselling author and Psychology Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky that I found fascinating.  It’s all about how much of happiness is determined by our genetics and how we can influence the rest.  A very good read!


Lifehacker had a post on using twitter as a food journal.  I’m seriously considering trying this out as food journaling I’ve found to be a useful activity in the past.  Now that I’ve started kick boxing (yay!) I feel more in control of the exercise portion of my fitness goals and journaling what I eat is a good way to begin taking control of dietary issues.  Plus, I haven’t had a good reason to try twitter out and I love trying out new and innovative programs and websites.


I edited my Big Rocks goal page and added the push-up challenge to the list.  I wrote that it caught my eye in last week’s miscellaneous and I decided to jump on board.  Read about the goal by clicking the link above.  I may end up removing the Women’s Health Goal in place of this one since I got thrown off course so early with being sick and all that.  I’m more inspired by the push-up goal at this point, but that might also change.


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