Weekly Miscellaneous – January 14, 2008

I’ve decided to try to post once a week with some of the other things that have caught my eye and throw in a few random tidbits. I’m not posting from Flock this week because my computer died last week. So, I’ll be looking to replace it. In the meantime, I’m using my husband’s computer and have never been so glad that I keep everything important backed up and web-accessible!

Here are some articles that have caught my eye this week . . .

Fitsugar had a post about Taking the Push-Up Challenge and I’m seriously considering adding this to my daily routine! I hate push-ups! I loathe them with a special passion! I also have a strong dislike for people who design workouts and think it feasible for a gal like me to be able to instantly do 2 sets of 16 push-ups with no problems. However, I also know a big part of my dislike comes from my inability to do them. I admire folks (especially martial artists) who can do 50 in one go. The best way I know to get over my dislike of it is to start acting like I LOVE them and practicing every day so I get better.


Go check out The Felt Mouse who is doing a whole month long “Go Green” theme for January. Some great and very informative posts on going green!


Zen Habits had a very nice guest post from Lynn Truong of Wise Bread and Parenting Squad on some considerations when setting goals. It really makes sense to think about these things so that you don’t simply set yourself up for failure.


Think Simple Now has a thorough article on Freeing Yourself From Guilt. I don’t often feel guilt about not finishing projects, but I often feel as though I short-change the important people in my life and feel guilty about that. A lot.


Lifehack.org had a great article about exactly what I’m doing! Using a blog to make 2008 your best year ever!


Another Fitsugar post about Challenging Yourself Physically. I must admit that I worry that my current goal for fitness this year isn’t a big, sexy, milestone kind of goal. It isn’t something that makes you jump up and down for joy once you’ve finished it. It’s the kind of goal that makes you hop into the shower like you did every other day. I’m worried that this ho-hum sort of goal will negatively affect my motivation, so we’ll see how it plays out.


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