The Time to Begin

We are about to begin a new year and millions of people will partake in the ritual of creating a list of resolutions. There seems to be some magic about the arrival of a new year that calls to people to start fresh and try to do things better or in a new way.

I have also been a long time proponent of the ritual of the New Year’s Resolution. I’ve performed this ritual for many years and have found more successes than failures and more things have been achieved than have been left untouched.

Despite this observance of an ages old ritual, I also like to flaunt tradition. The New Year is a natural time of year for reflection on the past and prospecting towards the future, but sometimes I can’t wait that long. And so today, two days before the first day of the year 2008, I will begin my new blog.

The mission of my blog is to chronicle all my goals and many projects. The year 2007 was busy and full of wonderful achievements. I will remember it as a year of action, motivation, determination, and great satisfaction. I’m resolving to repeat my success in 2008 and hope to chronicle the process more regularly with this blog. Here are my main goals and resolutions for what this blog will become in the upcoming year:

  1. I will post every Monday – at least to begin with. My previous blog had a lot of posts that were born out of boredom. Others I laboriously planned and prepared and took forever to actually get to (I have a list of posts that I would have liked to do, but never got around to). I’m hoping that committing to posting once a week will help prevent meaningless meanderings.
  2. I will post about Big Rocks and Medium Rocks, but not Little Rocks. I’ve written about my Big, Medium, and Little Rocks in the About page. Basically, this blog is going to be about my actual projects and not about the mundane details of my life.

That’s all I’m going to resolve for now as I believe in baby steps that are easy to realize. Once I’ve gotten that established, I’ll start to add more detailed goals and focus on enriching the quality of posts. But for now, this start is good enough.


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